Saturday, May 22, 2010

I Think This Dynamic Could Work

Are you ever struck by the dramatic range between some of your personal outfit choices? I frequently am. While I'd probably label myself as a fairly conservative/classic sort of dresser, every now and then I just go in the completely opposite direction. Take today, for example. I went to work in this very straightforward (see: boring) ensemble.
Tan Blazer -Old Navy
White Button-down Tunic - ANA, JC Penney's
Black Pencil Skirt - Windsor
Leopard Suede Heels - Deena & Ozzy, Urban Outfitters
(There was also a gold necklace involved, but I took it off before the photo since it had bothered me all day.)

Really nothing to see here. The blazer was a recent gift, and I wanted to wear my leopard heels so this was the result. It was comfy, so at least the outfit had that going for it. Now compare the above, to what I wore in the afternoon to take my nephew's to Disneyland.
Purple Cardigan - Canyon River Blues, Sears
Floral Print Romper - Charlotte Russe ($10!)
Sheer Black Leggings - Gift
White Scarf - Gift from Disneyland
Black Leather Boots - Kmart

This felt much more adventurous. I LOVE this romper that I just bought last weekend in San Diego. It has short sleeves and provides the proper coverage everywhere, which makes it number one out of all the rompers I own. Despite the predicament it put me in when I had to use the bathroom, I loved wearing it to Disneyland because I felt comfy, but not sloppy. While the leggings were a bit too hot during the warm afternoon, by the time the sun set they were keeping me nice and toasty.

So these two outfits from today pretty much sum up my whole stylistic existence. Half the time I'm attempting to be a classic sophisticate and the other half I am a trend-loving hipster. Who knew?


  1. i actually really enjoy your classic side! it's nice to see someone invest in items that properly fit and are of a more modest hemline. fantastic neutral palette as well!

    i've just added you to my blogroll! love your style :)


  2. You are just too sweet! And don't worry, despite my attempts at more hipster/trendy clothing at times, I'm pretty sure I'll always stay true to my more classic (boring) side. I know what works for me generally and I hate change . . . so that leaves me with few options ;) Thanks for adding me to your blogroll and congrats on graduating and all the awesomeness you have going on in your life right now!



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