Saturday, May 1, 2010

Got To Get This Out Of My System

So here's my wrap up post on my concert from last Thursday. My cousin and I went to see Jamie Lidell, British soul-singer extraordinaire. The Troubadour was sold out, but we got their early so as to be right in the front. The opening band was Solid Gold.
According to their blurb on they are "a D.I.Y. punk dub electro trash club rock collective from Minneapolis." While I'm not exactly sure I even know what that means, they were pretty good. I had heard a few of their songs prior to the show, so that helped prepare me for what to expect. My only complaint is that the lead singer's vocals were not loud enough to be heard over a lot of his band's music. But I suppose that's more of a technical complaint than a quality complaint. I'd see them again if the opportunity presented itself. Here's a clip of them performing "Bible Thumper."

Now on to the big guy. You all already know how much I loved Jamie Lidell's performance. This was only the second show on his latest tour to support his forthcoming album Compass, which hits stores May 18. As usual, I was a little bummed that he played more new stuff than old, but I understand that he's trying to generate buzz for the new record. He's got a brand new band, and they were superb, particularly his insanely talented percussionist.
(From left, percussionist, Jamie Lidell, synths, bassist)
I loved Jamie since his first CD Multiply came out in 2005 and it seems I will continue to. He actually is doing another show in L.A. on June 19, but I can't decide if should buy tickets again, or hold out for a show by someone else I love. That's the problem with living in L.A. - there's always so much going on that I have to pace myself lest something better comes along. Not that I'm complaining :) To conclude, here's a clip of Jamie L. performing a new song, "Enough Is Enough." Enjoy, and then go get his CD!

Oh man, I almost totally forgot! Here's a poorly lit photo of what I wore to the concert (thanks to my cousin):
Black Boyfriend Cardigan - JC Penney's
Black Cutout Shoulder Body Suit - Silence & Noise, Urban Outfitters
Black Sequin Shorts - Express

So yes, those are my sequin shorts. I felt just festive enough to support my beloved Jamie Lidell, and since I eschewed heels for my go-to flat boots, I was comfy enough to get my dance on. For the record, in a perfect world I think everyone would wear sequins every day!


  1. WOWZA! those sequined shorts are so sassy! love the fact that you kept the outfit minimal and kept to one color.


  2. loving those shorts! And I totally agree in aperfect world sequins would be part of our fashion every day ;)



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