Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Back Here Baby

Cat Eye Sunglasses - random store in downtown NYC ($1!)
Pink Short-sleeve Cardigan - Ann Taylor, Goodwill ($2!)
Floral Print Tank Top - H&M ($5)
Black Bow Belt - H&M ($6)
Blue Pencil Skirt - Amanda Smith, Goodwill ($7)
Black Suede Flats - Kimchi Blue, Urban Outfitters ($6)

While I fully intended to write posts while I was in NYC, time sort of got away with me. Plus, there was spotty wi-fi at my friends' house so that made me just complete forget about the whole thing. But I'm back! Flew into LAX just last night. I wish could have stayed longer, but seven days was all I had to give at the moment.
My glasses, shirt and belt are all purchases I made in NYC. While I didn't go crazy, I did spend a lot of time shopping. Plus, I felt like I was saving money since I didn't have to pay any taxes on clothing (and that's a big deal for a Los Angelino since we pay 10% tax on purchases). I loved all the H&Ms on every corner and the split level UNIQLO store in SoHo. Rest assured, my other purchases will make appearances shortly.

Seriously, if I could move to New York right now, I would. That is how much I love it. Even if it was crazy windy in the city this past week. Actually, now that I am back to sunny Cali, it's still pretty windy. That's why you see me trying to hold my hair in place in this last picture.

Since I couldn't really share my days in New york with you as they were happening, here are a few photos that just touch on my fun times in the the city:
I spent much of last Friday just wandering throughout The Met. Such a dream! I saw beautiful Picassos, Van Gogh's self portrait, Monet's water lilies and the awesome "American Woman" exhibit. I highly recommend it and would have seen more if my feet hadn't given out on me.Clearly, I spent a lot of time eating as well. Loved this pizza from some random shop (mushroom, spinach, onion - mmmm). Also ate great falafel and cupcakes.
My only regret is I didn't get to spend nearly as much time exploring Brooklyn as I would have liked. Here's the view of the skyline from the Brooklyn Promenade. I have tentative plans to return in August, so then I'll really get to see Brooklyn like I wanted to.

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