Friday, May 28, 2010

Thank God It's Friday Night

Navy Blue Jersey Dress - Mossimo, Target
Blue Stripe Canvas & Leather Belt - Express, Thrifted
Gold Quilted Chain Strap Purse - Giani Bernini, Free from clothes swap
Brown Leather Peep-toe Heels - Thom McAnn, Kmart

Want to know why I am so grateful it's Friday night? Not because I have awesome plans tonight but because I am just so glad this crazy hectic week is finally over and I can just sit in my house and watch whatever has been stored in my TiVo. It's rather pathetic, I know, but I really can't imagine anything more wonderful than that right now.

But first things first. Today's outfit was kind of sailor inspired, but also had more to do with me wanting to wear something comfy and easy. This dress is the definition of comfy and easy. I've had it for years, and I hope to have it for years to come. I am also wearing my awesome captain's wheel earrings I picked up at the flea market a couple months ago, but I didn't get a detail shot.
So while everyone and their mother has been all about the clog these past few months, I, for one, have been slow to jump on the bandwagon. I have issues with shoe trends because I hate to spend a ton of money on a trendy shoe that will be obsolete by next year. That is why I firmly believe in thrifting, since I can get trendy pieces without the trendy price. So, behold the clog sandals I purchased to day (excuse the poor pic, but it is from my cell phone):
They are brown leather Aldo platform sandals and are in like new condition. I paid $7 for them at Goodwill. I wore them for a couple hours this afternoon and they were pretty comfy. They also (due to the 5" heel and the fact that the leather is almost exactly the same color as my skin) make my legs look ridiculously long. In other words, I love them.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

LOST Without You

So I'm not going to spoil anything for anyone who still hasn't seen "The End," but tonight was the final episode of LOST. I am one of the show's biggest fans and parting with my weekly ritual has been quite bittersweet. I'm relieved to finally know the end (whether I'm satisfied with it is a different story), but I will miss having that urgent desire to watch something on TV.

True story: the only reason I became so close to my best friend J is because we started watching LOST together. I've known her most of my life, but we have a 15-year age gap between us so we never really hung out together. When the pilot to LOST aired six years ago, we both immediately became obsessed with it and bonded over our mutual love of the show. When I found out she got the East Coast feed of ABC (meaning she could watch LOST episodes a whole three hours before I could), I begged her to let me come watch the show at her house. Thus, our weekly LOST parties came into effect.

What started out as two acquaintances getting together to watch TV, turned into a friendship I can't even imagine living without now. I even joked tonight with J and her husband that since our friendship started with LOST, it must be ending tonight since the show's over. Well, at least even though the show has ended, I'll always have the souvenir of our friendship to remember it by.

Any of you out their major Losties? If so, please let me know what you thought of the finale in the comments. Any and all theories are appreciated because I'm still not sure what I think happened.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Too Much Of You Is Never Enough

Blue Embroidered Cardigan - Old Navy (years ago)
Floral Sundress - Vintage, Long Beach Flea Market ($5!)
Patent Yellow Belt - Windsor (came w/ a shirt)
Tan Elastic Strap Wedges - Attention, Kmart

A lot happened today, so apologies, but this will be a picture heavy and wordy post. This dress is another beloved flea market find from my trip about a month ago. Today was such a beautiful day that I was inspired to wear this very spring-y dress along with my new wedge sandals that I LOVE. They are so much more than I would ever expect from a shoe from Kmart, and - even better - I didn't have to pay for them. My uncle in New York insisted on buying them for me when I picked them up as we were shopping for airplane snacks for my flight back home. Who am I to reject free shoes?
Anyway, let me reiterate: today = Longest Day EVER! But oh so fun. It was day one of my "Clothes Swapping Weekend Extravaganza"(the name was my idea). Inspired by several bloggers, I mentioned the idea of having a clothes swap to my friend Q and she wholeheartedly embraced it, even offering her home, provided I dealt with all the technicalities.

Since we know so many people and they all had so much stuff, we opted to hold the swap for two days in a row, just in case some people couldn't make it on Saturday. Today there were only about a dozen of us, but we still totally had a blast looking through everything and trying random stuff on. Here is a poorly lit indoor photo of one of my new rompers that I wore to host our swap:
Navy Cotton Blazer - Billabong, PacSun ($5!)
Cotton/Chambray Romper - Rachael & Chloe, TJ Maxx ($7!)

While I tried super hard to not take anything as I organized the clothes for the swap, I couldn't help but snag a few choice items. I was immediately drawn to a lovely green safari-style jacket. It was a lot like the jackets I see being shown as the latest trends in magazines like Lucky and Marie Claire, so I couldn't pass it up.
I also couldn't resist an adorable gold (Chanel-inspired)quilted purse and some old-school patent heels with bow detailing. Lately I'm obsessed with all things bow so they were right up my alley even though they're a little old-lady-ish.
Nevertheless, tomorrow will be the real deal because most people rsvp'ed for Sunday. I can't wait to see the other clothes that are brought and the things that people leave with. There's nothing more pleasing than seeing someone else fall in love with and take home a piece of clothing you once owned but no longer have use for. I mean, what could be greener than that?

I Think This Dynamic Could Work

Are you ever struck by the dramatic range between some of your personal outfit choices? I frequently am. While I'd probably label myself as a fairly conservative/classic sort of dresser, every now and then I just go in the completely opposite direction. Take today, for example. I went to work in this very straightforward (see: boring) ensemble.
Tan Blazer -Old Navy
White Button-down Tunic - ANA, JC Penney's
Black Pencil Skirt - Windsor
Leopard Suede Heels - Deena & Ozzy, Urban Outfitters
(There was also a gold necklace involved, but I took it off before the photo since it had bothered me all day.)

Really nothing to see here. The blazer was a recent gift, and I wanted to wear my leopard heels so this was the result. It was comfy, so at least the outfit had that going for it. Now compare the above, to what I wore in the afternoon to take my nephew's to Disneyland.
Purple Cardigan - Canyon River Blues, Sears
Floral Print Romper - Charlotte Russe ($10!)
Sheer Black Leggings - Gift
White Scarf - Gift from Disneyland
Black Leather Boots - Kmart

This felt much more adventurous. I LOVE this romper that I just bought last weekend in San Diego. It has short sleeves and provides the proper coverage everywhere, which makes it number one out of all the rompers I own. Despite the predicament it put me in when I had to use the bathroom, I loved wearing it to Disneyland because I felt comfy, but not sloppy. While the leggings were a bit too hot during the warm afternoon, by the time the sun set they were keeping me nice and toasty.

So these two outfits from today pretty much sum up my whole stylistic existence. Half the time I'm attempting to be a classic sophisticate and the other half I am a trend-loving hipster. Who knew?

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Ain't No Reason We Should Be In A Fight

Black Necklace - H&M
Grey T-shirt Tunic - Old Navy
Purple Knit Pencil Skirt - Xhiliration, Target
Black Studded Double-wrap Belt - Anchor Blue Outlet ($2!)
Black Leather Gladiator Sandals - Payless

You know what's awful: being sick enough to feel not quite right, but not sick enough to merit missing work. Not that I want to miss work (since I desperately need the money), but I just felt extra BLAH in the classroom today with my stuffy nose and purse full of (clean!) tissue. The result was I felt cranky all day and that's kind of transferring into this blog right now, so I apologize.
Today wasn't all bad though. I managed to squeeze in a bonus dose of pilates this morning since my morning class ended early. I did do pilates last night, but the extra class got me nice and stretched out. Hopefully that will make me a little more limber for my running tomorrow (I alternate days for running so as not to kill my poor out of shape cardiovascular system).
Another highlight of today: the awesome weather! We've had rain and wind for the past couple weeks, but today it was sunny and in the 70s. It's hard to be miserable with such lovely weather. I hope it sticks around because lately I've kind of binged on buying rompers, and I have four (!) I want to wear. My friend Q and I are overseeing a clothing swap this Saturday, so if weather permits, maybe I'll get to wear one there. And there will be pictures, of course.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Don't Worry, Just Breathe

Cat's Eye Sunglasses - Discount Store in NYC
Striped Blazer - Old Navy
Black Lace Blouse - Vintage, South Street Thrift Center
Bow Necklace - Tilly's Outlet
Gray Jersey Pencil Skirt - Uniqlo
Blue Flats - Xhiliration, Target

A whole week and no posts? I know, I've really fallen of the blogging wagon. Not on purpose though! I got back from New York last week and then last weekend I went out of town again, this time to visit some friends in San Diego. Excuses, excuses. Anyway, I'm back home now and fighting a little cold. First was the sore throat (yesterday) and now that's gone, but a stuffy nose has taken it's place. I can't afford to be sick so I'm fighting it like a champ!

One reason I can't get sick: I'm training for a 5k run in July! Now, I'm sure for most people a 5k wouldn't require that much effort but I have never run that far in my whole life. In school, I would walk the mile because I was incapable of running and that B in P.E. always wrecked my otherwise stellar GPA. These days I do think I am relatively fit, but I am still not a runner.

Last Saturday I ran for the first time. I did 1.6 miles in 14 minutes, and, most importantly, I didn't pass out. As lame as that may be, I was pretty proud of myself. Now I just have to work my way up to 3.2 miles and then I'll be golden.

On a side note, I am in love with this pencil skirt I got at the Uniqlo store in Soho. It's soft and comfy like sweatpants, but still a professional piece. It only cost $10.50 and now I am hating myself for not picking up the other two colors when I had the chance. Oh well, just another reason for me to head back to NYC sooner rather than later.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Back Here Baby

Cat Eye Sunglasses - random store in downtown NYC ($1!)
Pink Short-sleeve Cardigan - Ann Taylor, Goodwill ($2!)
Floral Print Tank Top - H&M ($5)
Black Bow Belt - H&M ($6)
Blue Pencil Skirt - Amanda Smith, Goodwill ($7)
Black Suede Flats - Kimchi Blue, Urban Outfitters ($6)

While I fully intended to write posts while I was in NYC, time sort of got away with me. Plus, there was spotty wi-fi at my friends' house so that made me just complete forget about the whole thing. But I'm back! Flew into LAX just last night. I wish could have stayed longer, but seven days was all I had to give at the moment.
My glasses, shirt and belt are all purchases I made in NYC. While I didn't go crazy, I did spend a lot of time shopping. Plus, I felt like I was saving money since I didn't have to pay any taxes on clothing (and that's a big deal for a Los Angelino since we pay 10% tax on purchases). I loved all the H&Ms on every corner and the split level UNIQLO store in SoHo. Rest assured, my other purchases will make appearances shortly.

Seriously, if I could move to New York right now, I would. That is how much I love it. Even if it was crazy windy in the city this past week. Actually, now that I am back to sunny Cali, it's still pretty windy. That's why you see me trying to hold my hair in place in this last picture.

Since I couldn't really share my days in New york with you as they were happening, here are a few photos that just touch on my fun times in the the city:
I spent much of last Friday just wandering throughout The Met. Such a dream! I saw beautiful Picassos, Van Gogh's self portrait, Monet's water lilies and the awesome "American Woman" exhibit. I highly recommend it and would have seen more if my feet hadn't given out on me.Clearly, I spent a lot of time eating as well. Loved this pizza from some random shop (mushroom, spinach, onion - mmmm). Also ate great falafel and cupcakes.
My only regret is I didn't get to spend nearly as much time exploring Brooklyn as I would have liked. Here's the view of the skyline from the Brooklyn Promenade. I have tentative plans to return in August, so then I'll really get to see Brooklyn like I wanted to.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

I Want To Be A Part Of It

Black Boyfriend Blazer - GAP
Blue Tank Dress - GAP
Silver Necklace - H&M
White Studded Flats - Soda, Reflection
White Scarf (not pictured) - Pier 1 Imports

So - true story - this is my second day in New York! I flew in yesterday, around 6 pm EST. While this is not my first time to New York, it is my first time actually staying in the city (as opposed to driving in from Jersey or Boston), so I'm pretty psyched. That means I'll be taking outfit photos in new places.
Today I opted for the back of the house I'm at. I'm staying with some friends in the Bronx, and I am in LOVE with all the brick buildings. Back home all the houses are made with stucco and concrete, so the brick just strikes me as extra charming.
Weather-wise, we are expected to get some rain in NYC, but today is still pretty warm (high 70s) so I am going to make the most of some sightseeing/shopping with friends. On a side note, this black blazer is the only jacket I brought with me. I tried super hard to streamline my luggage and not over-pack for this trip, and I surprised myself with how well I did (only 2 small carry-on size suitcases!) I should reward myself with some shopping, don't you think?

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Here's To The Girls Who Play Smart

Sunglasses - Urban Outiftters
Leopard Print Cardigan - Harve Benard, Sears
Layered Metal Necklace - Rue 21
White Crewneck Tee - Papaya
Distressed Boyfriend Shorts - Levi's, Ross
Suede Perforated Skimmers - Kimchi Blue, Urban Outfitters

So today's ensemble was inspired by a spread I saw in last month's Marie Claire (the one with Heidi Klum on the cover). It was all about distressed denim accompanied by more lady-like accessories. I'd post a pic of the inspiration photos, but I have long since thrown out the magazine and they don't have it posted on their website.

The verdict: this was a way comfortable outfit to wear. Granted, all I did today was run some errands and hit the thrift store with my mother. I also loved the juxtaposition of the hobo-sexual (like that word, eh?) jeans with my "ladies-who-lunch" shoes and purse. I felt super on trend. Have I mentioned how comfy these pants are? A-mazing. Just like sweatpants, only without the stigma attached.

Got To Get This Out Of My System

So here's my wrap up post on my concert from last Thursday. My cousin and I went to see Jamie Lidell, British soul-singer extraordinaire. The Troubadour was sold out, but we got their early so as to be right in the front. The opening band was Solid Gold.
According to their blurb on they are "a D.I.Y. punk dub electro trash club rock collective from Minneapolis." While I'm not exactly sure I even know what that means, they were pretty good. I had heard a few of their songs prior to the show, so that helped prepare me for what to expect. My only complaint is that the lead singer's vocals were not loud enough to be heard over a lot of his band's music. But I suppose that's more of a technical complaint than a quality complaint. I'd see them again if the opportunity presented itself. Here's a clip of them performing "Bible Thumper."

Now on to the big guy. You all already know how much I loved Jamie Lidell's performance. This was only the second show on his latest tour to support his forthcoming album Compass, which hits stores May 18. As usual, I was a little bummed that he played more new stuff than old, but I understand that he's trying to generate buzz for the new record. He's got a brand new band, and they were superb, particularly his insanely talented percussionist.
(From left, percussionist, Jamie Lidell, synths, bassist)
I loved Jamie since his first CD Multiply came out in 2005 and it seems I will continue to. He actually is doing another show in L.A. on June 19, but I can't decide if should buy tickets again, or hold out for a show by someone else I love. That's the problem with living in L.A. - there's always so much going on that I have to pace myself lest something better comes along. Not that I'm complaining :) To conclude, here's a clip of Jamie L. performing a new song, "Enough Is Enough." Enjoy, and then go get his CD!

Oh man, I almost totally forgot! Here's a poorly lit photo of what I wore to the concert (thanks to my cousin):
Black Boyfriend Cardigan - JC Penney's
Black Cutout Shoulder Body Suit - Silence & Noise, Urban Outfitters
Black Sequin Shorts - Express

So yes, those are my sequin shorts. I felt just festive enough to support my beloved Jamie Lidell, and since I eschewed heels for my go-to flat boots, I was comfy enough to get my dance on. For the record, in a perfect world I think everyone would wear sequins every day!


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