Friday, April 16, 2010

You Should Be My Sugar, Baby

No outfit posts today. Why? Because I am extra tired and the outfit I wore today was exactly the same as one I wore a couple weeks ago. I was that lazy. Still, I managed to get myself out of my house this afternoon because my cousin and I had plans to hit up Babycakes, a vegan cupcake shop in downtown L.A.
My cousin has been vegan for the past three years and I've been trying the vegetarian lifestyle for the past 7 months, so we always are on the lookout for vegan/vegetarian restaurants and bakeries. Apparently, Babycakes started out in NYC and only recently came to L.A. We found it smack in the middle of downtown L.A. It was super tiny and didn't have the widest selection when we arrived this afternoon, but my cousin was still overjoyed to get her hands on some vegan goodies.
I got two red velvet cupcakes. Aren't they cute? Honestly, the cupcakes were good, but not exactly red velvet-y. I think the bakery uses banana as their egg substitute (I prefer applesauce), and the cupcakes tasted extra banana-y. I couldn't taste any cocoa. Having made homemade vegan red velvet cupcakes before, I prefer mine to theirs. But they were still tasty. Next time I might try their vanilla ones.

So yeah, all I really did today was go get cupcakes. And right now I am sitting in my Superman pajamas (!) having a Parenthood marathon with my cousin. I'm really living the dream today.

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