Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Where Do You Dare Me to Draw the Line

Grey Cardigan - Express, via Goodwill
Silver Necklaces - Clothing swap and H&M
White Striped Dress - Split, Macy's
Grey Sparkly Ribbed Tights - Gift from sister
Grey Flat Boots - Charlotte Russe

Nothing makes it easier to put an outfit together than wearing all of the same color. I actually planned this outfit out last night, in an effort to leave my house on time this morning. Sadly, I was still late, but not quite as late as I usually am. There was no rain today, but it was still cool enough for me to wear my tights. These sparkly grey ones are a favorite of mine, so I was glad to give them another whirl.
Not much happened today. It is, however, officially only two more days until I'm going to see Taylor Swift at Staples Center. Woo hoo! While I make no claims of being a real country music fan, Taylor is just so talented and her songs are just so catchy that I can't help but love her. My friends and I bought tickets last October, so we're pretty psyched the show is finally happening. Plus, I've got this crazy sequined dress I thrifted over the weekend that I am going to wear. Here's a blurry cell phone pic of me trying it on, but stay tuned for better photos after the concert Thursday night.

1 comment:

  1. I love wearing outfits of all the same color. SO cute! And I can not wait to see what you do with the sequined dress. Im sure it will be FAB!



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