Monday, April 19, 2010

A Walking Talking Question Mark

Anyone else got the Monday blues? I had them bad this morning when I headed out to work. Fortunately, it was a slow day in the writing center and my 10:00 am class was all but canceled, so not much was expected of me this morning. I guess that's how everyone feels after a week of spring break - reluctant to return to the daily grind.
Clear/Gold Bead Necklace - New York & Company ($3)
Yellow T-shirt - Wet Seal ($2)
Red Linen Pencil Skirt - Vintage, South Street Thrift Center ($3)
Navy Wedge Loafers - BC via Ross

So this outfit is not actually what I wore today. I t-shirt-and-jeaned it up today and felt no desire to take a photo. This is what I wore Saturday to run errands and then do a little thrifting with my mom. Despite scouring the racks for hours, I only came back with a black lace shirt ($3).

Still, that was okay because on Sunday I hit up the Long Beach Flea Market with my friend Grace and got some really great things. I got four vintage dresses for just $20! They should be making appearances soon. Then I found some super cute dangly anchor earrings for $3.
And I also bought something I've been trying to find for ages - sweater clips! Have you ever seen them? They are two clips joined by a chain that you clip to cardigans for decoration. I'm pretty sure most people see them as a little old lady-ish, but I love them. I'd been trying to buy some on eBay, but, as always, it pained me to pay for shipping. I snagged these beauties for just $5.
A pretty productive morning at the flea market. Really though, I should be trying to save money since I will be heading to New York in just a couple of weeks. While I was supposed to go with a big group of friends, the plans ended up falling through, but since I already have my ticket I'm just going to go it alone. I'll be there May 5-11. Any suggestions for what I should see or do (other than shopping) while in NYC? I'm open to pretty much anything.


  1. those are some pretty earrings and a lovely sweater clip. Also been looking for one but still haven't found any that I just love :(

  2. Score on those earrings! They kind of go with that outfit. Shoes make it look sailor style. Cute!

  3. i'm loving these primary colors!



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