Friday, April 16, 2010

Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

Hear is part deux of last night's Taylor Swift extravaganza. Of course, she opened with "You Belong With Me" and performed in full band geek regalia. She was adorable. And then she ripped off her costume to reveal her first sparkly dress - this glistening silver little number.
Her stage covered in digital images was pretty awesome. It became a library set for "Teardrops on My Guitar," and continually changed throughout the nights. Nothing I love better than shiny lights on a big stage.

At one point, Taylor made a big sneak attack on the audience and appeared in the middle of the cheap seats at Staples Center right as she began singing "Hey Stephen". I have no clue how she managed to do it without anyone noticing, but it was pretty crazy. Everyone ran from their seats to try to get closer to her. And she was so sweet and made sure to give everyone she could hugs or pose for pictures. Her look was as country as she got all evening with a girly yellow sundress and cowboy books.
Best costume change ever? When she sang "Love Story." The stage transformed into a storybook castle and garden and six dancers came out dressed in Victorian garb. Lovely. Plus Taylor had her own Rapunzel-esque gown.
Then, at the bridge (when she sings about him proposing) she quick changed on stage into this beautiful gown:
So lovely. But she only wore it for about a minute and then ran offstage to change into something else. And the final, most exciting part, was when Katy Perry came out to sing "Hot and Cold" with Taylor. What I loved is that Katy had been in the audience the whole time, and when she came on stage she didn't change. She looked just like a regular person, without the pin-up hair, make-up or clothes. But she sang like a dream. I mean, she really put Taylor to shame, but it was okay because it was the end of the night.
As a rule, I strongly dislike arena shows. I prefer smaller, intimate venues where you can kind of be at one with the performer, and I hate the ridiculously inflated ticket prices for arenas. Still, I realize that certain performers can only be seen at arenas because they are that big. And I make an exception for them. While I loathed the $80 (!!!) I spent for my T. Swift ticket, it was totally worth it. Anyone contemplating seeing her, do it. So much fun and so many sequins!

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  1. aw! how cute! i freakin' love taylor swift - although sometimes the media over-exposes her. seems like this concert was a blast! ... i actually just went to the carrie underwood concert. great to see another country fan out there as well :)




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