Friday, April 16, 2010

Can You Feel This Magic in the Air?

Black Sequined Dress - Vintage via Goodwill ($8)
Black Skinny Belt - Claire's
Sheer Black Leggings - Gift
Black Leather Boots - Kmart

Not exactly sure why my hair looks short here, but believe me, it was not cut. Tonight was TAYLOR SWIFT AT STAPLES CENTER! It was everything I hoped it would be. She puts on a ridiculously good show for someone so young. And she sang perfectly. I'll be the first person to acknowledge that Taylor is not the strongest singer (she did pretty bad on SNL last year), but she exceeded all of my expectations tonight. And she's just so sweet and gracious that I can't help but love her.
So my friends and I planned to wear sequins to tonight's show in honor of Taylor, who wears sequins a lot. I ended up wearing the most sequins, however, because I managed to thrift this awesome dress last weekend. I felt mightily overdressed when I arrived at Staples while the sun was still out, but once the show started (and Taylor showcased at least half a dozen awesome sparkly dresses) I knew I wore the right outfit.

And guess who was Taylor's surprise guest? Katy Perry! She was in the audience with Perez Hilton and at the end of the show she joined Taylor onstage to perform "Hot and Cold." It was awesome. Tonight I am just posting my outfit, but hopefully tomorrow I will get some actual concert footage up.


  1. Love the sequin dress! It really suits and is form fitting :D

    And Taylor Swift <3

  2. Yeah, it was a little more body conscious than I would have liked. I spent most of the night trying to consciously suck in my stomach ;) It worked I think. I guess I should thank my Pilates teacher Viv for strengthening my core!

  3. fabulous outfit! you looked completely ready for a sparkly and dazzling t.swift concert!




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