Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Want to Believe My Own Hype But It's Too Untrue

Black Sunglasses - 99 Cents Store
Silver Hoops - Ross
Grey Long Sleeve Tee - OC Designs
Grey Pinstriped Sheath - Merona, Target
Blue Elastic Belt - Thrifted ages ago
Blue Pointy-toed Flats - Xhilaration, Target

So whenever I feel lazy and have no desire to think up a creative outfit, I take an outfit I've worn before and just make a few minor adjustments. I've gotten plenty of mileage out of this sheath, and I pretty much always wear it the same way. Boring, I know. Today brought slightly cooler temps, so I layered a long sleeve shirt under, cinched it with my blue belt and added the matching shoes. Not very brave or creative, but very easy to put on when I was in a rush this morning.

On a more exciting note, today I was featured on one of my fave blogs What Would Emma Pillsbury Wear! Don't worry, I won't let it go to my head - much. My yellow dress I wore last Saturday is a dress Jayma Mays' character will wear in an upcoming episode of GLEE, so when I styled it, I tried to be as "Emma Pillsbury" as possible. And I guess I did alright. For everyone who left comments on WWEPW, thanks a bunch!

And yes, my Mozilla Firefox persona (fancy term for the background of the screen) is a Superman suit. And no, I am not embarrassed. If only you all knew the depths of my obsession with all things Superman. But that's a story for another post.


  1. congratulations! i'm OBSESSED with glee - your lemon drop dress is far too adorable. i loved the fact that you paired it with a lovely yellow cardigan as well :)


  2. I like how you matched the belt with your shoes! I wish I could do that with such a bright color!

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