Thursday, March 4, 2010

She Love It Over Here

Sunglasses - Kenneth Cole via my optometrist
Red Corduroy Peacoat - Mossimo, Mom's
White Button-up Tunic - ANA, JC Penney's
Multi-layered Chain Necklace - Rue 21
Black Ruched Leggings - ZARA
Patent Mary-Jane Wedges - Payless

This is week two of me being back at work at the college, so I am still trying to decide what message I want to send to the students. I like to look professional so that the students (many of whom are my age or older) take me seriously. But then I try not to go too far overboard to where I am no longer dressing my age.

I think this outfit is professional, but not too serious. I added the heels for a bit more sophistication, but they aren't doing any favors for my feet. By my night classes, I will probably change into my flat patent oxfords. And yes, my pants are not really pants, they are leggings, but I did layer a another pair of black leggings under these ZARA ones to make sure I had complete butt coverage. So that's got to count for something, right?

Since I had some time to kill between my morning class and my afternoon ones, I decided to swing by Forever 21. I've been dying for a connector ring, which I've seen many celebs and bloggers alike wearing lately. F21 had some on sale on their site so I figured I'd check the physical store to see if they were carrying any. I guess it was meant to be (ha!) because just as I asked a salesgirl where the rings were, they began to unpack some new connector rings they had just gotten in stock. I bought a gold one with a black bird on it for $2.80!

I would have been happy with myself if I had just walked out of the store once I found the ring, but of course I couldn't. I found a beautiful black silk romper on the clearance rack for just $7.99. Though it might not seem like it, rompers are my kryptonite - I cannot resist them. I currently only own 3, but if I could, I'd buy them all. The tragic part is that I can't wear them to any of my jobs, so I buy them and they basically just sit in my closet until warm weather rolls around. Needless to say, I bought the one I found today. It is beautiful, but, seeing as I have no money, I probably should have passed.

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