Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Just Like Glitter Mixed With Rock and Roll

Black Satin Dress - ABS, Ross
Black Glitter Clutch - Thrifted years ago
Black Platform Pumps - Attention, Kmart

Two posts in one day? I know, I'm becoming a bit obsessive, but tonight's outfit was so much different than what I wore earlier so I couldn't help but do another post. Tonight was sort of an important night for my family, so I had to get a little dressed up.

This dress has an interesting back story. Initially, I bought it to wear to my friend K's wedding a year and a half ago. I found it for a measly $8 at Ross, but it had a bubble hem and was a little shorter than I wanted. Enter my mother, who suggested we let out the bubble hem, and then add some fabric to the bottom if it still wasn't to my liking. I let out the hem, but it still wasn't quite as long as I wanted. Therefore, I then went to Joann's, bought a variety of lace trims and had my mother sew a lace trim.

And here is what we were left it. I've probably only worn this dress twice since K's wedding, but I always feel so fancy in it. Plus, since it's a trapeze style, it's extremely comfortable, even if it does make me look as big as a house at certain angles. I also feel fancy when I carry my awesome glittery clutch. It can only fit a few things since it's so thin, but the glitter makes up for it.
On a side note, did you notice my extra boring nail polish? I was going for a more "adult" look over the weekend, so I changed my nails to this muted brown, instead of one of my usual technicolor shades. It's Rimmel's Hot Cocoa polish, and I like it, but maybe only for more professional occasions. My mother of course loved it since she pretty much hates all the bright color polish I usually wear. But I'm pretty sure I'll be back to my old tricks by next week.

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