Sunday, March 14, 2010

I Want To Make You Holler

Black Shrug - Mossimo, Target
Blue Leaf-Print Strapless Dress - Bitten, Steve & Barry's
Taupe T-strap Heels - Simply Vera, Kohl's ($2!)

Woo hoo - daylight savings time has officially begun! Yes, it did make my waking up this morning for my step class a wee bit difficult, but I am still so super glad for a little extra daylight. This dress really isn't anything special. I've had it for ages, but sadly, I'm thinking I may be giving it away soon since it seems to have gotten a little too big for me. Nevertheless, I gave it one last hurrah today.
Really, the only reason I wore this dress today was so I could wear my brand new Simply Vera shoes. Last night my mother and I went to visit my grandmother in the hospital, and, as is often the case, on our way back home we decided to do a little shopping. As a general rule, I hate Kohl's. I feel their clothes are typically overpriced and not that appealing. However, I recently received a $5 coupon via email for Kohl's so we decided to try to find something last night.
Well success came in the form of these shoes. They are Simply Vera so they were originally priced $69.99(!). I found them on clearance for $6.99, and, minus my $5 discount, I took them home for a little over $2. They are surprisingly comfy despite the high heel, but let's be real. For $2, does comfort even matter?

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