Monday, March 22, 2010

I Only Live To Serve

I must confess, I went to Disneyland again today. Actually, we only went to California Adventure because one of my nephew's friends had a two-fer ticket (where you get admission to each park for the price of one) and he had to use it before it expired. Other grown-ups generally think I'm nuts for going to Disneyland so much and always taking kids there, but I love it!
Grey Zebra Print Boyfriend Cardigan - LOST, Ross
White V-neck Tee - Nollie, PacSun
Pull-on Jean - Silence & Noise, Urban Outfitters
White Studded Flats - Soda, Reflection

As usual, I went for comfort over style for CA Adventure. I will never forgive myself for not buying more of these jeans from Urban Outfitters when they were on sale last year. They are so comfy and fit perfectly, and now I wish I owned them in every color available. And this photo was taken in one of my favorite spots in the park (the Beast's library), which is why the chair I am sitting in has such a high back.
And here is a picture of me pretending to throw my cousin into the Beast's fireplace. As far as Disney film's go, Beauty & The Beast will always be in my top three because it was the first movie I was ever taken to as a child. Thus, I know every word to every song and almost all the lines too. As great as Pixar films are, does anyone else miss the older Disney movies with the classic animation and awesome songs? I know I do. Give me the Lion King over Wall-E any day!
Another favorite spot in the park: the Hollywood Tower of Terror. Pretty much the best ride ever. From left is my oldest nephew, my cousin and me. My nephew's friend and younger brother were also with us, but they were too scared to go on the ride. Oh and yes, my 13-year-old cousin is wearing a High School Musical 2 shirt. She has no shame, just like me.

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