Monday, February 22, 2010

So Much Love

White Pashmina - Pier One, Gift
Navy Pinstripe Shirtdress- White Stag, Goodwill ($2!)
Black T-strap Flats - Wanted, Ross

This is what I wore to run some errands around town today. I pretty much love this shirtdress I bought a few weeks ago at Goodwill. It's the perfect length and even has pockets, so it's pretty much everything I could hope for. Even though there was some drizzle yesterday, today was a perfectly beautiful 65 degrees. Not only was I wearing open-toed shoes, I didn't even need a sweater or jacket!

Since the above photo doesn't really do it justice, here's a close-up of my crazily-painted toes:
It's matte green #7 from Urban Outfitters with black and silver glitter tiger stripes. A little kookier than I normally do, but I've rarely been wearing sandals so it was my own little secret until today.

Since I don't go back to work until Thursday, today was my last free Monday. I had to make a return at Anthropologie and had a lunch date with friends, but before I did all that I decided to swing by my local Goodwill. There are three Goodwills in the area, but one was recently moved to a brand new (and bigger) location. Since it is so much nicer than the two older ones, that's the one I went to this morning.

Obviously I don't really need anything so I was just stopping in to see if anything caught my eye. Well, it's a good thing I went in today because I managed to find a beautiful pair of Ralph Lauren riding boots.
They are very similar to the Frye boots that Jessica of What I Wore has and that Amazon sells here. Of course, the Frye version costs nearly $400, while I got these beauties for just $10! It was totally worth it since they are in excellent condition with only some wear on the soles. Now all I need is some cooler weather.

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