Friday, February 26, 2010

I 've Got A Bad Feeling About This

Blue Tuxedo Placket Button-down - Chadwick's, Gift
Trench Coat - GAP
Floral Print Full Skirt - Violet, Nordstrom Rack
Yellow Jelly Flats - J. Crew
Gold Bracelets - from my Grandmother
Watch - Guess, Rose Bowl Flea Market

Today was a good day spent with friends. The weather was mild enough for me to not wear tights and to just wear a sweater (not pictured) and trench coat for warmth. I felt very springtime in my colors so I couldn't help but be cheerful all day.
I went to lunch at the Habit today for the first time. It's sort of a gourmet burger place, and I loved it! Although I have been vegetarian since last October, I was (in my meat-eating days) a HUGE burger person. So lately I am always on the lookout for a tasty veggie burger and theirs was super. Plus, they have perfect fries - not too salty, crispy and just skinny enough. I highly recommend it.

Getting back to my springtime thoughts, yesterday I finally let myself swing by Urban Outfitters for the first time since I stopped working there (I was a seasonal hire). I was curious to see what new spring items they had in stock. Well, I immediately fell in love with the peep-toe jelly flats they are selling. My J. Crew jelly flats are one of my favorite buys from last summer because they are so comfy and durable. The UO ones aren't for sale online yet, but in my local store they carried them in black, sea green, pink and taupe. I've got a bad feeling about this because I basically want all of them! I guess they're going on the wish list . . .

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