Monday, February 8, 2010

I Should Have Showed You Better Nights

Double-breasted Cream Blazer - Silence & Noise, Urban Outfitters
Black Cap-Sleeve Dress - Isaac Mizrahi, Target
Black Long-strap Purse - Wilson's Leather
Suede Leopard Pumps - Deena & Ozzy, Urban Outfitters

So this is actually Sunday's outfit. Today was such a long, hectic and emotionally draining day that I was unable to get an outfit picture. Yesterday was much more low key. The dress I wore (though it is kind of drowning in my gigantic blazer) is one of my favorites. Such a classic shape and style that can go with almost anything. I paired it was it my fave leopard heels. Not only do they look cool, but they are also extra comfy.
While I realize that most of America spent yesterday watching the Superbowl (go Saints!), guess where I was? Why Disneyland, of course. My friends and I were hoping that it would be empty since it was Superbowl Sunday, but we were mistaken. It wasn't terribly crowded, but we ended up spending most of our time eating and only going on a handful of rides. Not that eating isn't fun.

Oddly enough, I was invited by a completely different group of friends to go to Disneyland again today. I passed because I had to go to a memorial service and my usual Pilates class. But I did consider it for a few seconds. What can I say, I love Mickey.

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