Friday, January 29, 2010

Like A Bolt Out Of The Blue

Had a ball with the children at Disneyland today. Apparently the Octomom was there today too, but we had no sightings. Just good, clean, child-like fun. We didn't get there until about 12:30 pm, but that gave us more than enough time to hit the main attractions at both California Adventure and Disneyland.
Being there with four kids 13 and under really took me back to my childhood. All they did the entire day (between rides) was eat junk food - churros and cookies and icees and french fries and ice cream. Oh to be young again with a superb metabolism. Although, if I'm being honest, I probably was bigger as a teen than I am now. So here's to eating a granola bar while the children gorge on high fructose corn syrup!

So even though I go to Dland pretty regularly, it is still so difficult for me to figure out what to wear. The daytime in Anaheim is pretty much always warm, but winter nights get into the low 40s, which is quite chilly for a beach girl like me. So I always try to layer (and carry a jacket and/or scarf) for the cooler nights while not wearing too much so I'm not sweating during the day. I think I did alright today.
Black Leather Jacket - Vintage, Goodwill
White "Hidden Mickey" Scarf - Disneyland, gift from nephew
Sparkly Black Tank top (not pictured) - Ross, ages ago
Neon Green Deep-V Tee - Nollie, PacSun
Leopard/Checkerboard Print V-neck Sweater - Volcom, PacSun ($5!)
Medium Wash Skinny Jeans - Levi's, Ross ($8!)
Sneakers - Nike, FootAction

So the jacket and scarf didn't come on until the sun set, which meant I was able to showcase my new sweater that I love! Surf/skate brands are pretty much the be all and end all for people who live in my area, and though my tastes have matured, I'm still a sucker for certain brands. Volcom is my favorite, and this sweater was marked down from $49.50 to $5 at PacSun. Besides the price, I loved the quirky pattern combo so I couldn't say no.
Also, in case anyone's wondering why I layered a neon green tee under it, the sad (but honest) truth is that I wanted to match my shoes. The sneakers I wore today are one of my favorite pairs. I used to wear them to the gym, but about 4 months ago I changed from aerobic exercise at the gym (treadmill, elliptical, stairmaster) to pilates twice a week and at least one outdoor bike ride. I only wear flip-flops to pilates so my beloved sneakers have been neglected. At least they got to go out for a bit today.

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