Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I Think I'm a Contra

So the fall-out from black Friday leading into the month of December left me in a whirlwind of so much stuff I had to do, that my burgeoning blogging fell by the way side. I had been debating whether or not the blogging thing is really for me, but hadn't really come to any conclusions by the time the new year arrived.

That being said, Vampire Weekend started streaming their new album on their website today, and I love it so much that I was inspired to blog about it. So I guess I'm back in the game. Yes, this is still intended to be a predominantly fashion driven blog, but the other loves of my life (see: music, movies, books, etc) will make appearances for sure. With that I say: Listen to Contra! It is good clean fun.

And if you are yearning for more entertainment consider seeing both Nine and The Young Victoria. I saw them both (on Christmas and New Year's Day, respectively) and think they were amazing. Nine is kind of light on plot, but the musical numbers make everything worth it. And Young Victoria is just plain superb. It's funny and sweet and tragic. Plus, Emily Blunt is really amazing. I never realized how talented she is.

Outfit photo tomorrow for sure!

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