Thursday, January 28, 2010

I Got Caught Out in the Rain

Black Rain Hat - H&M
White Linen Sheath - Isaac Mizrahi, Target
Silver Bow Elastic Belt - Charlotte Russe ($2!)
Gray/Black Dot Sweater Tights - Charlotte Russe ($2)
Black Leather Boots - Zigi, Wild Pair
Black Rain Coat (not pictured) - H&M

If I'm being honest, I didn't really wear this outfit today. It's actually one of many outfits I wore (but didn't necessarily photo) during the freak storm we had last week that brought an unprecedented amount of rain to my unsuspecting beach town. Not gonna lie, I enjoyed dressing for the rain, but had no motivation to pose for pictures. Every day when I got home (sometimes soaking wet) I opted to immediately change into pjs, instead of quickly taking an outfit pic.

Now that the horrendous weather is over, however, I'm hoping to get back on track. Despite my best efforts at curbing my shopping, I have quite a few new (to me) purchases to share, and I am hoping to post photos of them sometime tomorrow. I went to the outlets in Lake Elsinore two Fridays ago and to the Long Beach Flea Market two Sundays ago, and I got some really nice things at both places. Not to mention a few super bargains I've snagged at my local mall and/or Goodwill recently.

Speaking of Goodwill, tomorrow is $2 day at all the local Goodwill stores in my area and I am pretty psyched. I am legitimately trying to curb my spending because I have SO MANY clothes, so this excursion has to be my last for a while.

I shouldn't go too crazy, though, because I am also taking my nephews (four, under the age of 13) and cousin (13) to Disneyland tomorrow! You may wonder, "why would someone waste time going to Goodwill in the morning if she's going to Disneyland?" Well, I can do that because we all have season passes to the Magic Kingdom. I probably go at least twice a month (don't hate me!), and was even just there last Sunday. Just another perk of living in Southern Cali.

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