Monday, January 11, 2010

From A Mess To The Masses

After coming back from the flea market yesterday I was so tired I had no motivation to post anything. Even worse, I was so enthralled by the whole excursion while I was there that I neglected to take any photos of anything. Not even my super cute outfit I wore. I may re-enact it later this week. Still, it was a blast. We stayed from 9 am to 2 pm, and I didn't even look at everything that was there.

While I took quite a bit of cash (in case I found something amazing I couldn't pass up), I was very good and didn't spend much at all. More importantly, I got a few items I've had on my wish list for a while, so I felt my purchases were very purposeful.
The first thing I bought was this great Guess watch. I've been searching for a large menswear-ish gold watch for ages, but never really wanted to pay too much money. This watch is in pretty great shape and only cost me $10. I also knew I had to have it because the leather band was able to fit my wrist. My wrists are exceptionally small so I pretty much always have to get watch bands adjusted to fit me properly.
Next, I bought this black purse. I have a go-to oversize black bag I have been using for the past year, but it's faux leather and is definitely on its last leg. I've been searching for a replacement bag for a while, but hadn't really been able to find something nice enough in my price range. This vintage SAS bag is just the right size and is leather, so I know it will be durable. It only cost me $5! I am so in love with it already.
My only other purchases where this skirt and dress. I can never resist a cute pencil skirt, and this wool one also came in my fave color combo of black/red/white. While I can't say I really needed another skirt, for $5 it was a no-brainer. The dress is a sheath that I am pretty sure someone made at their home since it has no tag. It's a bit too big for me so I will have to get it taken in, but I couldn't resist the golden mustard color and silky material. Plus the top has really beautiful pleating. Again, it only cost me $5.

So even though I only spent $25 altogether, I definitely think my trip was a success. I got some things that I love and didn't break the bank. I will surely be going back next month now that I know what I've been missing all this time.

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