Monday, January 11, 2010

California Love

Clear Wayfarers - Gift via Hermosa Beach fair
Vampire Weekend Cali T-shirt - Purchased at VW concert
Skinny Black Embossed Belt - Claire's
Cyan Pencil Skirt - Amanda Smith via Goodwill
White Studded Ballet Flats - Soda, Reflection
Black Bag - SAS via Rose Bowl Flea Market

I totally forgot I owned this skirt. I rediscovered it during my move and finally got it cleaned. The color makes me happy just by looking at it. Also, I was glad I was able to wear my VW tee since I felt pretty guilty about buying it in the first place. But their new cd comes out tomorrow (who knows when my copy will come from Amazon, however) so this was my little tribute to them today.

Discounting the color of my skirt, today was pretty boring. I went to the movies with my cousin in the morning, and we saw Leap Year. It was cute (particularly the dashing Matthew Goode), but not the best ever. Then I went to work a mid-shift at Urban. Mondays are notoriously slow shopping days, so nothing really happened and I even got to go home early.

Really, the most fun I had today was listening to my new CDs. I finally broke down and bought the new Phoenix CD at Target yesterday since it was on sale. It's so good. I can't believe it took me so long to jump on the bandwagon. I also just got my Fool's Gold CD in the mail today. I had my ipod on shuffle last week and "Surprise Hotel" came on. I had never heard it before (and who knows how it even got onto my ipod), but instantly fell in love with it and ordered the CD from that day. It's just so catchy, and yet it sounds like nothing else out right now. If you can get past much of the lyrics being in a different language (Hebrew, I think), you're pretty much guaranteed to love their album.

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