Tuesday, November 24, 2009

This War Was Worth This

Another weekend, another concert. This past Sunday brought with it my first real Say Anything show. I've loved Say Anything since their first major label cd ...Is A Real Boy came out. Lead singer Max Bemis writes lyrics like no other. He's biting and incisive in a way that is honest and real, but also self-deprecating. I've seen them before at Warped Tour, but Sunday they were in their headlinging glory. However, first there were three opening bands:

Miniature Tigers
Alternative band Miniature Tigers led the charge and opened the show. Maybe it was the lead singer who channeled Kurt Cobain or maybe it was the awesome Dharma Initiative sticker stuck to his guitar, but I completely loved them. They are very indie -rock and almost folky at times, but still very good. After the show, my cousin and I bought their cd and the song"Tell It To the Volcano" has already become a favorite of mine.

Next up was Moneen. They were a little too intense (see: scream-y) for my tastes, but they weren't awful. They were all VERY into their performance, so that was nice. I really felt they were leaving it all on the stage. Plus, the lead singer was just so cute and little, I couldn't hate them too much.

The last opening band was Eisley, a family-based alternative/folk band made up of three sisters and one cousin. I saw them open for The Fray a few years ago and wasn't blown away. Frankly, I don't really feel they were right for the Say Anything tour, but Max Bemis is married to one of the girl's in the band (Sherri DuPree), so I figured he had ulterior motives for asking them to join this tour. They weren't as boring as I expected, and the main singer/keyboardist Stacy had an AMAZING voice. But she also had a horrible stage presence since she hid behind her hair and barely looked at the audience.
Finally, Say Anything came out. They were amazing. They played over a dozen songs from all of their albums and really connected with the crowd. It's no secret that Max has struggled with a lot of personal issues through the years (he has bipolar disorder), so I was a bit wary of what his onstage persona would be like. Especially since I was standing close enough for his sweat (eww) to drip on me. I was blown away, though, by how gracious, unassuming and all-around likable he was between songs.

Max & Sherri
Even when he brought out his wife to do a duet with him, what could have easily been a cred-crushing cheese fest actually was very sweet and adorable. I look forward to seeing them again. And the icing on my cake? After the show, my cousin went to the merch table to buy a t-shirt. Who do you think was selling Say Anything t-shirts at the table? None other than my celeb crush Jeffrey Donovan, star of my fave spy show USA's Burn Notice!
I have no idea what he was doing at the show, let alone selling t-shirts, but he was extra nice and super cool about letting me take a picture with him. Be still my beating heart.

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