Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Purple Rain

Ok, so maybe it didn't actually rain Saturday morning, but it was quite chilly. That meant layers for me, and I'm pretty pleased with the outfit I put together. I got this coat a couple of years ago, and it is my all-time favorite. It's super light, but protects well from a biting wind. Plus, its hidden button placket and pinstriped lining make it seem extra classy.Black Trench Coat - H&M
Gray Short-sleeved Cardigan - Mossimo, Target
Purple Tie-Neck Dress - Chadwicks
Purple Lace Tights - Tilly's
Black Over-the-knee Socks - Forever 21

Dark purple has been my favorite color for a while now, and I would wear it every day if I could. This outfit was kind of my homage to dark purple, but I broke it up a little with the gray and black. It was comfy and warm, and that was all I really wanted from a Saturday morning outfit.

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