Tuesday, November 3, 2009

It All Comes At Once

It's been a little while since my last post, but I was MIA due to a brief weekend jaunt down to San Diego. All in all, pretty good times, particularly the morning I spent at the Las Americas outlets, mere yards from the Mexican border. I didn't pick up a whole bunch of clothes, but it was a ton of fun looking in all the stores.
Silver Headband - Goody, 99 Cents Store
Square CZ Studs - Mom's
White Applique Vintage Sweater - Goodwill
White Pleated Skirt - Isaac Mizrahi, Target
Grey Ribbed Sparkle Tights - Gift from sister
Grey Flat Slouch Boots - Charlotte Russe

That being said, today I opted to use one of my recent Goodwill purchases. As much as I gushed about the shoulder pads in this sweater last Friday, I sobered up pretty quickly today. After much deliberation (and mirror twirling) I made the tough decision to remove the shoulder pads. Sadly, I guess I am not yet brave enough. Still, I think the sweater is beautiful, and I felt very dainty and girly in this ensemble. Additionally, I may have an unhealthy attachment to these gray boots- don't judge me.

And here is a close up of my beloved plastic bangles:

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