Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I Might Even Be A Rock Star

Black Boyfriend Cardigan - JC Penney
Autographed Killers Tee - Street Scene 2005
Black Pencil Skirt - J Crew via Goodwill ($2!)
Star Print Tights - Tillys
Black Extra High-Top Chuck Taylors - Converse, Robert Wayne Footwear

So I'm not exactly sure what motivated me to choose this outfit for work today, but it seems I was channeling my inner emo kid. It's obviously a LOT of black, but that is my natural inclination. Most importantly, it was comfy, so really I think that should let me off the hook for not thinking outside the box. Plus, look at how cool my new star tights look!

This ensemble also forces me to address a few serious obsessions I have. The first is concert t-shirts. Ever since I went to my first show, I have been obsessed with buying concert tees. As a result I have a drawer full of t-shirts that I almost never wear, since my current style doesn't really lend itself to t-shirts. But that doesn't stop me from buying them.

My other secret shame is my obsession with sneakers. Most of my daily activities require me to wear more dressy shoes, but I have always been in love with sneakers. It's gotten so bad that I've had to restrict myself to only buying one new pair a year, and that's supposed to be a pair of gym shoes. The worst part is that since I almost never wear them, all the pairs I own never get worn out, so the collection only gets larger every year. As proof, I've owned the Converse high-tops I'm wearing here since 2004, and they are barely scuffed.

Moving on to other obsessions, I have got to stop shopping. There is absolutely nothing I possibly need to add to my closet so I really must stop going to malls or outlets or Goodwill or any other retail establishment. At least, that's my plan for tomorrow. Today, I acquired the most perfect set of Silence & Noise denim leggings.
Not only do they fit like a snug dream, they were on extra clearance at Urban Outfitters so I could not possibly resist them. But seriously, no more shopping for at least a week. I hope.

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