Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Day & Night

Red Knit Beret - Forever 21
Cream Wool Cardigan - The Limited via Goodwill
Black Leotard - Danskin via Goodwill
Navy Flower-print Skirt - Windsor, years ago
Cream Knee Socks - Charlotte Russe ($1!)
Black Leather Riding Boots - Zigi Girl

So this is what I wore this morning. The mornings and nights are chilly out here, but during the day it's in the low 70s. That has been making it really difficult for me to dress in the morning. I usually leave my house at a little before 7 am. It's so cold to me then that I want to wear tights and boots and a hat and a scarf and almost all the clothes I own. But then by 10 am it's 70 degrees and I am melting. I wish it would just be winter and cold all day already. Then I wouldn't have all these struggles.
Black Trench Coat - H&M
Polka-Dot A-line dress - Goodwill ($2!)
White Cardigan - Charlotte Russe, years ago
Black Cut-out Maryjanes - Bakers

Now this is what I wore tonight. It's much easier to dress for the night since I already know it's cold so I dress accordingly. Not a whole lot going on here, but I was going for something pulled together and unassuming. Neat, but not attention grabbing. I feel like I succeeded. And I can already tell that I am going to have to limit the number of times I allow myself to wear this coat. Otherwise I may never take it off.

This War Was Worth This

Another weekend, another concert. This past Sunday brought with it my first real Say Anything show. I've loved Say Anything since their first major label cd ...Is A Real Boy came out. Lead singer Max Bemis writes lyrics like no other. He's biting and incisive in a way that is honest and real, but also self-deprecating. I've seen them before at Warped Tour, but Sunday they were in their headlinging glory. However, first there were three opening bands:

Miniature Tigers
Alternative band Miniature Tigers led the charge and opened the show. Maybe it was the lead singer who channeled Kurt Cobain or maybe it was the awesome Dharma Initiative sticker stuck to his guitar, but I completely loved them. They are very indie -rock and almost folky at times, but still very good. After the show, my cousin and I bought their cd and the song"Tell It To the Volcano" has already become a favorite of mine.

Next up was Moneen. They were a little too intense (see: scream-y) for my tastes, but they weren't awful. They were all VERY into their performance, so that was nice. I really felt they were leaving it all on the stage. Plus, the lead singer was just so cute and little, I couldn't hate them too much.

The last opening band was Eisley, a family-based alternative/folk band made up of three sisters and one cousin. I saw them open for The Fray a few years ago and wasn't blown away. Frankly, I don't really feel they were right for the Say Anything tour, but Max Bemis is married to one of the girl's in the band (Sherri DuPree), so I figured he had ulterior motives for asking them to join this tour. They weren't as boring as I expected, and the main singer/keyboardist Stacy had an AMAZING voice. But she also had a horrible stage presence since she hid behind her hair and barely looked at the audience.
Finally, Say Anything came out. They were amazing. They played over a dozen songs from all of their albums and really connected with the crowd. It's no secret that Max has struggled with a lot of personal issues through the years (he has bipolar disorder), so I was a bit wary of what his onstage persona would be like. Especially since I was standing close enough for his sweat (eww) to drip on me. I was blown away, though, by how gracious, unassuming and all-around likable he was between songs.

Max & Sherri
Even when he brought out his wife to do a duet with him, what could have easily been a cred-crushing cheese fest actually was very sweet and adorable. I look forward to seeing them again. And the icing on my cake? After the show, my cousin went to the merch table to buy a t-shirt. Who do you think was selling Say Anything t-shirts at the table? None other than my celeb crush Jeffrey Donovan, star of my fave spy show USA's Burn Notice!
I have no idea what he was doing at the show, let alone selling t-shirts, but he was extra nice and super cool about letting me take a picture with him. Be still my beating heart.

Purple Rain

Ok, so maybe it didn't actually rain Saturday morning, but it was quite chilly. That meant layers for me, and I'm pretty pleased with the outfit I put together. I got this coat a couple of years ago, and it is my all-time favorite. It's super light, but protects well from a biting wind. Plus, its hidden button placket and pinstriped lining make it seem extra classy.Black Trench Coat - H&M
Gray Short-sleeved Cardigan - Mossimo, Target
Purple Tie-Neck Dress - Chadwicks
Purple Lace Tights - Tilly's
Black Over-the-knee Socks - Forever 21

Dark purple has been my favorite color for a while now, and I would wear it every day if I could. This outfit was kind of my homage to dark purple, but I broke it up a little with the gray and black. It was comfy and warm, and that was all I really wanted from a Saturday morning outfit.

Friday, November 20, 2009

For You I'd Bleed Myself Dry

Brown Imitation Wayfarers - Urban Outfitters
Gold Flower Earrings - From my Grandmother
Mustard Yellow Ruffle Dress - Downeast Basics via Susie's Deals ($3!)
Red Wool Cardigan = Moda International via Goodwill ($2!)
Gold/Red/Blue Chevron Bangle - Gift from China
Red Opaque Tights - Target
Brown Lace Tights - Target via Goodwill
Brown Suede Maryjane Wedges - Payless, 4 or 5 years ago

When I was driving this morning at 7 am, I could barely see three feet in front of me. Nothing says beach winter like an uber-thick layer of fog. So, in all honesty, this outfit also consisted of my tan Gap trenchcoat and a taupe scarf for most of the morning. But by 10 am the fog burned off, and I was able to show my true colors (pun intended) on what turned out to be a nice, mild sunny day.

(ignore my shiny forehead)
Most of my daily companions are fairly traditional, so I am usually pretty wary of wearing anything too zany, for fear I may be ridiculed or just subjected to puzzled looks. I was brave today, though, and attempted to wear a pair of very bright tights in a way that was noticeable, but not over-the-top. I think layering the brown lace over the red made it way more subdued and much more palatable for my friends. I was also brave enough to not hide my tights under a pair of tall boots, which is always my natural inclination. I let them shine brightly and boldly in my maryjane wedges.
On a side note, I am really loving combinations involving primary colors lately. Red, blue and yellow complement each other so well that the possiblities are endless. But if I am honest with myself, this latest fixation may stem from my lifelong obsession with Superman. Does that make me lame? Better yet, don't answer that.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Get On Your Boots

So I changed clothes four times today (five, if you include my pilates outfit), and I still have no daily outfit photo to show for it. What I can offer is a photo of the boots I bought at Goodwill this afternoon.

Now I've been wanting a pair of lace-up ankle boots just like these for a while, but I can't decide if they are really for me or not. They were a great deal at only $7, especially since they are Liz Claiborne and Brazilian leather. The inside is a little worn, but the outside is like new. My only qualm is that they may be a little too quirky for my tastes. Are they cute or a little too witchy/old lady-ish? I'm open to suggestions.

Memories Made in the Coldest Winter

Purple Funnel Neck Wool Coat - Bitten by SJP, Steve & Barry's ($8.99!)
Red Merino Wool Cardigan - Moda via Goodwill ($2!)
Gray Long sleeve Tee - Random store in the mall
Purple Paint Spattered Tulip Skirt - Ann Taylor
Grey Ribbed Tights - Target
Black Leather Riding Boots - Zigi Girl, Wild Pair

Ok, so maybe coldest is a bit of an exaggeration, but it did finally get a little nippy last Tuesday (11/18) when I wore this outfit. As ludicrous as it may sound to people who live in places with actual seasons, it is officially cold (to me) in the beach cities when temperatures drop below 60.

Tuesday night it was a brisk 58 degrees, which meant I was able to bust out one of my genuine wool winter coats. And yes, I said coats plural. Why I own five wool coats is beyond me, particularly given my place of residence, but what can I say? I'm a sucker for a cute coat. And while most people would probably laugh hysterically at the sight how much clothes I wear when it is 58 degrees, my only defense is that I have lived in southern California my whole life. This is winter for me.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I Can Feel It Coming

I've been remiss in mentioning that I have recently acquired a little part-time job at my local Urban Outfitters. Now, I'm not really in it for the money since I already have two very respectable, grown-up jobs that pay me more than UO ever would. I'm doing it because a part of me has always wanted to work retail. I figure, I'm already always at the mall, so I might as well get paid to do it, right? I suppose we'll see how I really feel about it once the holiday season is in full swing.

That being said, last Saturday (11/14) was my second day of work, and it was crazy hectic. While I have no photos of my "work" outfit, it was pretty much a rehashing of the shorts-tights-boots ensemble I posted here. Replace the t-shirt with a black leotard, remove the vest, and exchange the herringbone shorts for denim ones, and you've got my work outfit. Now, add the vest back, and you have the outfit I wore to see Vampire Weekend that same night.
So it's pretty ridiculous how great the VW show was last weekend. They played in a VFW hall in Lomita, pretty much the middle of nowhere when it comes to Southern California beach towns. The locale made the crowd skew young, but I didn't care. The show sold out, but my friend and I got there early enough so we were able to stand no more than a yard away from the makeshift stage. I mean, I was pretty much staring Ezra (Koenig-lead singer) in the face. That was a far cry from where I stood when I saw them last year at the Wiltern.
They played old songs and a ton of new tracks from their forthcoming album, and the more intimate venue allowed for more of their personalities to shine though. At the Wiltern show Ezra had a bit of a perfectionist streak and was a little more uptight, but last Saturday he was extremely likable. And, most importantly, I was able to be that much closer to my band crush Rostam (Batmanglij-vocals, keyboard and a slew of other instruments). Isn't he adorable?
Really, the show just made me even that much more eager for their sophomore album Contra to finally hit stores. Having heard most of it live already, I know it will be amazing. In the meantime, at least I have their new single "Cousins"(just released on iTunes) to tide me over until January 12. And I will end this post with my secret shame: yes, I bought another concert t-shirt.
But it is extra soft and comfy, so that counts for something, right?

Silver Lining

So it has been a lifetime since my last post. Life is hectic, as usual, but I'm hoping to get on track with a series of posts tonight.
Black Ruffled Sweatshirt - Kimchi Blue, Urban Outfitters
Denim Pull-On Leggings - Silence & Noise, Urban Outfitters
Black Leather Booties - Target

This outfit was worn way back on Friday the 13th to a small get-together. My friend was kind of guilted into hosting a jewelry party (think Pampered Chef or Tupperware, but for high-priced silver), and I was forced to support her. Don't get me wrong, I love jewelry, but the stuff was pretty expensive so it was a little disappointing.

Whatever the case, I opted for heels instead of my typical go-to flats because I wanted to seem a little more dressed up. On the flip side, I wore a sweatshirt and denim leggings for comfort and optimal eating capabilities (since there were a TON of delicious desserts). You haven't really lived until you have eaten snickerdoodle cupcakes.

While this is the only time I've photographed them, I've pretty much been living in these Silence & Noise leggings since I bought them last week. They are so comfortable that I want to wear them everywhere. I probably should have bought another pair while they were still on clearance, but oh well.

In the end, out of solidarity, I did end up purchasing something at the jewelry party. Here is the ring I chose:
It's freshwater pearl and sterling silver, and at $32 (including shipping & taxes) it was the cheapest thing in the catalog. While I like it and know it is very me, I had hopes of buying a gold ring since pretty much everything I own is silver. Still, it's very dainty and lady-like, so I can't say I'm too bummed about it.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Everything Works In Your Arms

Black Velvet Shruken Blazer - Jolt, Macy's
Hematite Bead Necklace - Redondo Beach pier years ago
Buffalo Plaid Bodysuit - Heritage, Forever 21
Tweed Pencil Skirt - Isaac Mizrahi, Target via Goodwill ($2)
Black Over-the-knee Socks - Forever 21
Black Cutout Mary-janes - Bakers

So I am back to my old monochromatic ways. But I am so pleased with this outfit that I can't bear to chastise myself for not wearing more color. I am really proud of myself for incorporating some really old items with new purchases. The necklace I've probably had since I was about 10. The jacket I've had for at least 6 years. The bodysuit is a recent purchase that I just couldn't figure out what to do with. The skirt is new to me via Goodwill 2 weeks ago.

I also appreciate the variety of textures and patterns in this outfit. Even if I can't mix colors, at least I can mix my velvety soft jacket with a more masculine buffalo plaid and the classy salt/pepper tweed. So at least I have that going for me.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Swimming Sea Of Stars

So here's my extra long weekend update post. First, what I wore Saturday morning/afternoon:

Cream Cardigan - Target
Striped Linen Tank Dress -Chadwicks, gift from sister
Brown Skinny Belt - Claires
Brown Patterned Fishnets - Target
Brown Suede Maryjane Wedges - Payless

I've never worn these wedges with this dress. Originally I intended to wear some brown flat boots, but I like the way it turned out with the heels. And while I typically see this as a summer dress, I feel that I managed to make it more fall worthy with the tights and neutral cardigan. That is, until I spilled spaghetti sauce on it while lunching at BJ's. Fortunately, it doesn't show in my photo.

Now today I had the privilege of taking my cousins to an L.A. Galaxy v. Chivas soccer game. Not going to lie, I've got pretty much no love for soccer, but it turned out to be pretty fun. David Beckham was as cute as ever with his faux hawk and shirtlessness, I got a free pretzel and t-shirt and the Galaxy actually won 1-0. Not bad for an event I didn't even have to buy a ticket for.
When it came to my attire for the game, I was dressing strictly for comfort and warmth. So no judgements please.
Grey Linen Scarf - Mom's, thrifted
White V-neck Shirt - Old Navy
Plaid Thermal Sweatshirt - Volcom, Macy's
Medium Wash Skinny Jeans - dear by ab, Steve & Barry's
Silver Hightop Sneakers - Nike, Urban Outfitters

Having seen this picture, I kind of think these are the least flattering jeans I own. This pretty much reminds me why I tend to stick to a dark wash jean. Anything light seems to make my hips look a million times larger. I don't think the shapeless sweatshirt was doing much to help the situation either. Or the random guys standing behind me. But at least I was warm!

And I end with a close up of my sneakers. These are my most recent sneaker acquisition (3 or 4 months ago), and while I had absolutely no justifiable reason for buying them, they were such a great price at UO that I couldn't pass them up. Who wouldn't love something so shiny?

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I Might Even Be A Rock Star

Black Boyfriend Cardigan - JC Penney
Autographed Killers Tee - Street Scene 2005
Black Pencil Skirt - J Crew via Goodwill ($2!)
Star Print Tights - Tillys
Black Extra High-Top Chuck Taylors - Converse, Robert Wayne Footwear

So I'm not exactly sure what motivated me to choose this outfit for work today, but it seems I was channeling my inner emo kid. It's obviously a LOT of black, but that is my natural inclination. Most importantly, it was comfy, so really I think that should let me off the hook for not thinking outside the box. Plus, look at how cool my new star tights look!

This ensemble also forces me to address a few serious obsessions I have. The first is concert t-shirts. Ever since I went to my first show, I have been obsessed with buying concert tees. As a result I have a drawer full of t-shirts that I almost never wear, since my current style doesn't really lend itself to t-shirts. But that doesn't stop me from buying them.

My other secret shame is my obsession with sneakers. Most of my daily activities require me to wear more dressy shoes, but I have always been in love with sneakers. It's gotten so bad that I've had to restrict myself to only buying one new pair a year, and that's supposed to be a pair of gym shoes. The worst part is that since I almost never wear them, all the pairs I own never get worn out, so the collection only gets larger every year. As proof, I've owned the Converse high-tops I'm wearing here since 2004, and they are barely scuffed.

Moving on to other obsessions, I have got to stop shopping. There is absolutely nothing I possibly need to add to my closet so I really must stop going to malls or outlets or Goodwill or any other retail establishment. At least, that's my plan for tomorrow. Today, I acquired the most perfect set of Silence & Noise denim leggings.
Not only do they fit like a snug dream, they were on extra clearance at Urban Outfitters so I could not possibly resist them. But seriously, no more shopping for at least a week. I hope.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

It All Comes At Once

It's been a little while since my last post, but I was MIA due to a brief weekend jaunt down to San Diego. All in all, pretty good times, particularly the morning I spent at the Las Americas outlets, mere yards from the Mexican border. I didn't pick up a whole bunch of clothes, but it was a ton of fun looking in all the stores.
Silver Headband - Goody, 99 Cents Store
Square CZ Studs - Mom's
White Applique Vintage Sweater - Goodwill
White Pleated Skirt - Isaac Mizrahi, Target
Grey Ribbed Sparkle Tights - Gift from sister
Grey Flat Slouch Boots - Charlotte Russe

That being said, today I opted to use one of my recent Goodwill purchases. As much as I gushed about the shoulder pads in this sweater last Friday, I sobered up pretty quickly today. After much deliberation (and mirror twirling) I made the tough decision to remove the shoulder pads. Sadly, I guess I am not yet brave enough. Still, I think the sweater is beautiful, and I felt very dainty and girly in this ensemble. Additionally, I may have an unhealthy attachment to these gray boots- don't judge me.

And here is a close up of my beloved plastic bangles:


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