Monday, October 5, 2009

This Feels So Unnatural

So lo and behold, fall actually stayed in my lovely beach city today. I woke up to a delightful chill in the air and was beside myself with joy. Sadly, I woke up late so I only had all of 5 minutes to get dressed and go meet my friends at the movies. That resulted in me copping out and donning the same leggings and boots I wore yesterday and sticking to my tried and true black/white/gray color palette. Over the summer I'd gotten really good about infusing some color into my outfits, but I fear fall/winter will send me back to my old ways. I'll try harder tomorrow.

Kenneth Cole Sunglasses - prescription, from optometrist

Floral Scarf - H&M
White V-Neck Tee - Nollie, PacSun
Black Vest - Ann Taylor
Gray Herringbone Shorts - Ross, years ago
Black Leather Belt - Banana Republic

On a side note, I finally saw
Whip It today and it was just as awesome as I expected. Hi-larious. More importantly, however, my beloved Vampire Weekend released a new track off of their forthcoming album today. It's called "Horchata" and can be downloaded for free here. Yes, I realize liking VW is almost a cliche now since their debut was so over-hyped, but I genuinely enjoy their music and live performances. Bully for me since they also just announced 2 shows near my home. You best believe I'll be attending at least one of them. More on that when tickets go on sale Friday.

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