Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Relax, Take It Easy

So it officially has taken me 24 hours to recover from the major ordeal that was seeing U2 at the Rose Bowl last Sunday. They put on an awesome show, but I'm pretty certain that I never want to be surrounded by that many people ever again. Here is a photo of their futuristic spaceship set and a glimpse at the massive crowd (96,000 people!):Now if I was going to be nit-picky, I'd point out that while U2 played tons of fan favorites, they neglected to play either of my favorite songs ("Bullet the Blue Sky" or "Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own").

Me, after the smoke had cleared, at the end of the show:
Still it was a good time to be had by all. Even if I didn't get home until 2:30 am! That is why I took it easy Monday and lounged around the house. I had to regain my strength. Thankfully today was pretty uneventful so that I was able to continue my recovery. Just lunch with friends and a little shopping. But when evening hit some crazy winds blew into town, and that made it just cool enough for me to do some stellar layering.
Magenta Corduroy Blazer - Vintage, Thrifted
Navy Blue Empire-waist Dress - Target
Gray Linen Scarf - borrowed, Mom's
Purple Polka-dot Tights - Gift
Gray Flat Boots - Charlotte Russe

These purple tights are probably one of favorite things right now. My sister bought me a whole bunch of tights a few weeks ago, and I've been just dying for it to cool down so I could finally get to wear some of them. Also, these boots were just bought over the weekend. They were half off so I got them for just $15! It was way exciting for me. Here's a close-up of the awesome tights:

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