Saturday, October 3, 2009

Just Whip It, Baby

So, confession time. One of my favorite hobbies is reading books that have become movies. Not just popular ones, either. Just recently I discovered the film The Accidental Tourist (1988) at my local library. I realized it was based on a book, read the book immediately and then watched the movie. Just the kind of thing I like to do.

This is all background info, however, to get around to the point that now that I've finally finished The Time Traveler's Wife (spoiler alert: it is extremely sad), I've just started reading Shauna Cross' Derby Girl, the book Drew Barrymore's new film Whip It is based on. Now yes, it is a just a 230-page young adult novel, but it's funny and lighthearted and just what I need after the sob fest that was TTTW.

While I already was eager to see Whip It, reading the novel has made me even more obsessive about it, so here are the top 5 reasons why I want to see Whip It (and why you should too!):

1) Drew Barrymore - Is she not the most adorable and likable actress of her generation? I'd pretty much pay to see anything she's in.

2) Ellen Page - Now, I'll admit, I didn't quite jump on the Juno bandwagon like the rest of free world did a couple of years ago, but that was mainly because I took issue with the film's message about teen pregnancy. Nevertheless, Page seems to be a refreshingly articulate and level-headed young actress who just wants to make good movies. I believe in her.

3) Kristen Wiig - Not exactly a household name yet, but to all you naysayers out there that claim the golden age of Saturday Night Live is long gone, just watch one skit featuring the immensely talented and hilarious Wiig, and you'll know you're wrong. She's Penelope One-Up and the Target Lady and Judy Grimes and Gilly and one of the funniest ladies on tv. Kudos to Drew for adding Kristen to the film's cast.

4) Landon Pigg - So it took me a minute to understand why Ellen Page's Whip It love interest looked so familiar in the film trailers, but then I realized it was my beloved Landon Pigg! While I have yet to pass judgement on his acting skills, he is an amazing singer-songwriter whose first cd (the aptly titled LP) is one of my favorites. Additional kudos to Drew for hiring an actual musician to play a musician in the film.

5) Roller skating! - Who doesn't love roller skating? While it would take an act of God to get me into a pair of roller skates today, I spent much of my childhood roller skating/blading around my house, by the beach, at rinks, etc. Those were fun times, and Whip It allows me to tap into all that nostalgia once again.

Now I won't officially get to see the movie until Monday morning, but here's hoping it's as good as I'm imagining it will be.

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