Sunday, October 25, 2009

In Bloom

Patent Headband - Ross
Black Bead Cluster Necklace - Rampage
Floral Print Sundress - Sears
Croc Print Cutout Heels - Attention, Kmart
Black Beaded Purse - Diane von Furstenberg, gift

Another Sunday, another dress. This dress in particular was purchased a couple of weeks ago. Out of sheer boredom I went to a Sears near my aunt's house and found this dress on sale for just $8! Not only does it follow my favorite color scheme, it also has pockets, which is pretty much the be all and end all for me when it comes to dresses. And though the flower print isn't particularly wintry, our local weather hasn't been very wintry either, so I figured I could get away with it.

Today I opted to use this awesome Diane Von Furstenberg beaded purse that my mother got for me a few years ago. Granted, it's a little dressy for a sundress, but I loved the way it sparkled in the sunlight. And I'm pretty sure my mom got in a rummage sale for like a $1, so it's a super bargain too.
And last but not least, here is what I will be wearing tonight to see U2. It's kind of boring, but my goal is sophisticated comfort. This show is pretty much going to be an all day event, so I want to wear something that will breathe and shoes that won't make my feet hurt after 6 hours of standing. Overall I'm satisfied with it. Only 6 hours and counting until U2!

Black Blazer - Bitten by SJP
Black Banded-bottom Tank Top - some place years ago
Gold Layered Necklace - Forever 21
Black Button-bottom Leggings - Zara
Patent Menswear Oxfords - Coconuts, Marshalls
Patent Purse - Gryson for Target via Goodwill

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