Wednesday, September 23, 2009

And So It Begins . . .

As the inaugural post for this, my very first blog, I really have nothing noteworthy to say. I've decided to approach this as a sort of lifestyle endeavor. Having binged on fashion blogs all summer, I was definitely inspired by fashion to start this, but there is so much more besides clothes that I'm obsessed. Therefore, expect a little of everything - fashion (albeit bargain style), music, movies, books, rants, raves, the whole she-bang. As for this photo, it's what I wore to work this afternoon:

Yellow Imitation Wayfarers - Forever 21

Orange Cardigan - Mervyns
Green Deathcab For Cutie Tee - some concert years ago

J Crew Pencil Skirt - Goodwill

Wanted T-Strap Peep-toe Flats - Ross

not much for now, but definitely more to come . . .

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